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More than 37 installations in rural clinics of West Africa get access to electricity.

Lack of electricity is a core cause of malnutrition, starvation, illiteracy and extreme poverty around the world. Moreover, lack of reliable, affordable, clean energy disproportionately harms the health, education and productivity of women and children—who make up the majority of the poor in any community. Providing electricity to poor communities can reduce the amount of time needed for cooking, collecting water, and other activities. Using solar power can further reduce environmental and health threats by replacing the noxious fumes of kerosene lanterns and cooking stoves with a clean energy source.
Engineers from the Nayo Tropical Technology has traveled to rural areas of West Africa,
Installing solar power for various applications for faith-based nongovernmental organizations, Government institutions, Private Business, Telecommunication, Defense and homes, providing power to clinics, orphanages, schools and churches, and rural water supply.




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